Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Attendant

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Attendant is an integrated call management application that enables you to effectively manage many conversations at once by quickly handling and routing phone calls and instant messages.

Voice-centric users with high call volumes

Typical users of Communications Server Attendant are administrative assistants, team delegates, and receptionists. The console consists of a single full-screen window that lets you view all conversations at once, along with your Contact List. The conversation queue enables you to follow and prioritize each conversation effectively and, using the consult and transfer features, you can route calls quickly and systematically to the appropriate recipients.

Emphasis on call context

Features such as integrated caller history and caller notes provide a context to callers as they appear on your screen. For identified callers, Communications Server Attendant provides such information as their name, title, and company, as well as their contact history and notes that you took during previous conversations. Additionally, configurable call alerts enable you to increase caller context, for example by identifying a repeat caller — someone who has called more than once over a certain time span (30 minutes by default).

Handling calls for someone else

A primary function of Communications Server Attendant is enabling you to accept calls that were targeted at another person, for example an administrative assistant answering a call for the manager. This functionality is highly configurable — you can determine which calls go to the administative assistant and which calls “break through” to the manager. An administrative assistant can also place calls on behalf of a manager who configures the administrative assistant as a delegate.

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