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The Office 365 MySite service upgrade brings a lot of new benefits to your organization’s personal sites, including OneDrive for Business, a personal library for storing and organizing documents in the cloud. If you’re using the latest version of Office, you can even synchronize your Office documents to your laptop for offline access.

For those customers who would rather not upgrade their MySites manually, you can take advantage of the automatic upgrades that will roll out during calendar year 2014.

When will your sites be upgraded?

We’ll let you know in the Office 365 Message Center when we’re going to upgrade your MySites. The upgrade will affect the user experience only—your data will remain unchanged. We’ll give you a two-week window in which the upgrade might occur, and the actual work will take place in two parts:

  • First part    The About Me, Newsfeed, and Site Contents (within Site Settings) will get the new MySite experience, while everything else, including your MySite documents, will remain the same.

  • Second part    We'll upgrade the MySite experience for Documents, Blogs, Apps, and Tasks. Even though the upgrade could take place during business hours, we expect that each MySite will be inaccessible for just a few minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

I don’t want the automatic upgrade. How do I upgrade MySites to the new experience manually?
The first step is to upgrade your MySite Host: Once you upgrade the MySite Host, your users’ MySites will upgrade automatically the next time they access them.

Why is Office 365 automatically triggering MySite upgrades to the new experience?
The new MySite experience has a number of improvements, including social features; the ability to drag documents from your desktop and drop them onto your MySite; and OneDrive for Business, a personal library for storing and organizing documents in the cloud.

Where can I learn more about OneDrive for Business?
Visit the OneDrive for Business web site and the What is OneDrive for Business? article on

When will Office 365 begin to trigger automatic MySite upgrades?
The bulk of MySite and other site collections upgrades will begin in January of 2014, and we expect it to take several months to reach everyone.

How long will it take to upgrade?
It will probably take two evenings to upgrade your MySites, though it could take longer if you have hundreds or more users.

How can I learn the exact date when you plan to trigger automatic MySite upgrades for my organization?
We will contact you via the Office 365 Message Center when we plan to begin upgrading your MySites.

Can I still create MySites with the old experience?
Once we start upgrading your MySites, all newly created MySites will have the new experience. Also, if you upgrade your MySite Host manually, all new MySites will have the new experience.

Can my organization stay on the old MySites experience?
The upgrade to the MySite experience is required. The new MySites look-and-feel isn’t a big change from the old one, and we think your users will really like new features and functionality.

Can I delay the upgrade to the new MySites experience?
Unfortunately, we can’t delay this update to the service. The new MySites look-and-feel isn’t a big change from the old one, so there’s no reason to wait.

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