Move or resize the SmartArt graphic Text pane

You can change both the size and the location of the Text pane. The Text pane is the pane to the left of a SmartArt graphic, where you can enter and edit the text that appears in your SmartArt graphic.

image of the text pane showing level 1 and level 2 text

This article discusses moving and resizing the Text pane that appears next to your SmartArt graphics. If you want information about the preview or navigation panes in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, see Use and configure the Reading Pane to preview messages or Show or hide the Navigation Pane. To show, hide, or resize the Outline or Slides tab in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, see Show or hide the Outline or Slides tab.

Resize the Text pane

  1. Point to any edge of the Text pane.

  2. When the pointer changes to a two-headed arrow , drag to resize the Text pane.

Move the Text pane

  • To move the whole Text pane, drag the top of the pane.


  • Text pane moves are temporary and only persist until you close the 2007 Microsoft Office system program. When you open the 2007 Office release program again, the Text pane appears in its default position at the side of the SmartArt graphic.

  • If you hide the Text pane after moving or resizing it, it appears in its default size and position at the side of the SmartArt graphic when you show it again.

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