Move a set of objects

You can move a combination of text boxes, drawing objects, and images (including clip art) all at once.

To move a set of objects:

  1. Select one of the objects to be moved:

    • If the object is an image in a text box, click the image, press HOME to make the border of the text box visible, and then click it.

    • If the object is a drawing object or a text box containing text, click it.

  2. Hold down SHIFT, and then click each additional object.

  3. Place the pointer over one of the selected objects so that the pointer becomes a four-headed arrow Four-headed arrow , and then drag the objects to their new location. Alternatively, if you only want to nudge the objects in small increments once they're selected, press the arrow keys.

    Note: To nudge in even smaller increments, zoom in on the document by clicking the arrow next to the Zoom box Button image on the Formatting toolbar, clicking the zoom setting you want, and then pressing the arrow keys.

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