Modifying a number in selected columns in Management Reporter

The CAL format code can be helpful when you need to modify a number or calculation in one column of a particular row, but do not want to affect other columns in the report.

  • To perform a calculation on all report (FD) columns, do not enter a column assignment.

    For example, for @130*.75, Management Reporter multiples the value in row 130 for this column by .75, and then places the result in the current row of this column.

  • To restrict a formula to certain columns, enter the column letter followed by an equal sign (=) and the formula.

    For example, for B=@130*.75, the calculation is performed only on column B.

  • You can specify multiple columns. When you use an at sign (@) with specific column placement, the at sign relates to the restricting column.

    For example, specify: A,B,C=(@100/@130)*.75

    to mean:


  • Multiple column formulas can be entered in one row if they are separated by commas.

    For example: A=A.130*B.130,B=(@100:@130),C=A.100*D.100

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