Migration Assessment Scan: Large Excel Files

Learn how to mitigate issues with large Excel files during migration.


The maximum limit for opening XLSX files in the browser is 10MB in the target environment. This setting is configurable in the source environment which may result in a change in behavior for your users. If you attempt to open a file larger than 10MB from a SharePoint site, it will prompt you to open the file in the Excel client application.

Data Migration

XLSX files will be migrated.

Important: Any site that is configured as “No Access” (locked), in SharePoint will be skipped. To see a list of locked site collections see the Locked Sites scan output.

Preparing for Migration

Notify users of the expected behavior.

Post Migration

Attempting to open an XLSX file larger than 10MB will prompt you to open the file in the Excel client. You will be prompted with a dialog similar to the following:

Scan Result Reports

LargeExcelFiles_<Date>_<Time>.csv     This scan report contains all the XLSX files that are over 10MB in size.




URL to the site collection.


Site collection owner.


URL to the XLSX file.


Size of the XLSX file in MB.

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