Migrate QuickBooks data

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

By using the Convert from QuickBooks Wizard, you can import and convert data from QuickBooks to Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. When migrating a company file from QuickBooks, you have the option of importing master records only or all data. When you import all data, both master records and individual transactions are imported. For additional information, see Differences between master records and all data QuickBooks migrations.

Note: Reconciled bank transactions in QuickBooks are migrated to Accounting 2009 as unreconciled. You must mark these items as reconciled in account registers to maintain accurate statement reconciliations in the future. To do so, on a Bank Account Register form, on the Actions menu, point to Mark as, and then click Reconciled.

If you have more than one company to migrate to Accounting 2009, you must complete the Convert from QuickBooks Wizard for each company.

Note: Review the list of supported QuickBooks versions.

Start the wizard

  1. On the File menu, click Close Company.

  2. On the Start-Microsoft Office Accounting page, click Import data from QuickBooks.

Important: To migrate master records or all data, you must first download the update on the Welcome page of the wizard. After downloading the update, select the I have downloaded the Microsoft Office Accounting migration tool check box to proceed with the migration.

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