Microsoft MyAnalytics Outlook add-in

The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in helps you understand the reach of your emails and your relationships with colleagues.

For emails you send, the add-in shows the number of people who have read, forwarded, and replied, as well as a lifespan chart showing the email’s read activity. You’ll only see these statistics for emails you’ve sent to at least five people, and you can’t identify who read or forwarded the email.

For emails you receive, the add-in gives you information about your relationships with colleagues, including the number of emails you’ve exchanged, your average response times, and the percentage of their email you read. Only you have access to your personal relationship statistics.

How can I get the Outlook add-in?

The add-in is automatically enabled for all users who have the MyAnalytics licence.

Where are the statistics for emails I send?

  • Go to your Sent Items folder in Outlook, and open an email you sent recently.

  • Click MyAnalytics in the Ribbon.

Click MyAnalytics to see statistics for the email

What information will I see?

For each sent email, you'll see statistics such as the percentage of recipients who read the email, and how many replied to it. You can also see how long it took your audience to read your email.

See statistics for emails you've sent

Can other people see this information?

No. Only you can see the statistics for the emails you've sent.

Where are the statistics for emails I received?

  • In Outlook, open an email you've received recently.

  • Click MyAnalytics in the Ribbon.

What information will I see?

For each email you received, you'll see statistics such as the number of emails you exchanged with the sender, read rates, and average response times. You’ll also see if you responded to the email faster or slower than your average.

No statistics available - why?

For privacy reasons, you will not be able to identify individual people from the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in. This means that MyAnalytics does not display statistics for emails sent to fewer than five people or show that 100% of recipients read an email.

We only show your relationship statistics with other Office 365 users in your company. Because of this, you may not always see statistics for emails you’ve sent to more than five people if not all recipients are Office 365 users. This also means that external contacts and anyone in your company who are not in the Office 365 environment, won’t show numbers.

Too few recipients

We only show statistics for emails that are sent to at least five people.

Too few qualified recipients

We only show statistics for emails that are sent to at least five people who are also qualified for statistics. Qualified people are people within your organization who use Office 365 and Outlook/OWA, and who are not:

  • Opted out of MyAnalytics.

  • Excluded from MyAnalytics (for example legal departments).

Too old

We don't show read statistics for emails that are older than seven days.

Too new

It takes some time to generate statistics for recent emails.

Low read activity

Fewer than two people have read the email. Check back later once more people have read the email.

100% read your email

For privacy reasons, MyAnalytics does not provide an exact read rate when 100% (or close to 100%) of recipients read your email. The message will say: High read activity.

You opted out of MyAnalytics

If Delve isn’t permitted to use your email and meeting information, you will not see any statistics.

You can opt in through Feature settings in Delve.

How can these statistics help my work?

With insights about how effective your communication is, you can evaluate and make changes if necessary.

Check your read rate frequently to improve email effectiveness over time. For example, if a weekly digest email has low read rate, try these recommendations:

  • Send it on a different day of the week to see if more people read it.

  • Consider increasing the number of recipients or changing the recipient list.

  • Try using different subject lines to engage your recipients or shorten the content to make it easier to read.

  • Test new ways of broadcasting your message - maybe email isn't the best medium.

More about MyAnalytics

The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in is part of MyAnalytics. MyAnalytics helps you understand how you communicate and spend your time at work. No one else can access your private statistics, and you can't be identified from the statistics generated by MyAnalytics.

You can set personal goals related to meetings, emails, focus time, and after hours work per week. MyAnalytics measures your progress, and gives you tips to help you reach your goals.

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