Meeting List Report


Download CSV. Opens the File Download dialog box with options for downloading the report.

Show all meetings between. Defaults to start and end dates encompassing the past month.

Show only my meetings. Displays only meetings you have organized in the filtered report. Available to Administrators only.

View. Applies the filter to the Meeting List report.


Activity Day. Meeting date.

Meeting ID. Meeting ID.

Type. Meeting type, such as Scheduled, Recurring, or Meet Now.

Subject. Subject of the meeting.

Organizer. Name of the meeting Organizer. Click Organizer names to view the Meeting List report for that Organizer. Available to Administrators only.

Attendance. Actual number of participants in the meeting.

Reservation Size. Expected number of participants when the meeting was scheduled.

Connection Time. Time, in hours, minutes, and seconds, during which at least one participant was connected to the meeting.

View Poll. Lists polls for meetings in which a poll slide was presented. Click individual polls to view the Meeting Poll report.

Totals. Total numbers for Attendance, Reservation Size, and Connection Time.


Overview of meeting data for meetings in the report.

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