Manage Shipping Method dialog box: options and information

In the Manage Shipping Method dialog box, you can add, edit, or remove shipping methods. Shipping methods describe how items can be sent to you by your vendors and how you can send products to your customers.

Shipping methods appear in the Preferred shipping method list on the Details tab of the customer and vendor records. The method you select on these records appears on all sales and purchasing records.

Open the dialog box

  • On the Company menu, point to Manage Support Lists, and then click Shipping Method List.

    Dialog box options

    The dialog box contains the following options.




Displays a list of available shipping method names that you have created for your company. Examples are mail, drop ship, pick up, or a company name such as UPS.


Describes each shipping method name in greater detail.


Click to add a new shipping method.


Click to edit a selected shipping method.


Click to remove a selected shipping method.

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