Manage SharePoint Online server resource quotas for sandboxed solutions

Warning: The Sandbox Solution framework provides a mechanism for executing user-provided code outside of the IIS worker process. The Sandbox Solution framework should not be used as a mechanism for enforcing security boundaries when executing user code. Sandbox Solutions are not supported as a security boundary with user code, especially code of unknown origin. We advise against executing Sandbox Solutions of unknown origins.

In SharePoint Online the server resource quota specifies how many resources should be allocated to each site collection within a tenant. The goal is to ensure that all site collections perform optimally, particularly in those configurations where some collections are more heavily used or customized. If the bulk of your site collections are made up of typical out-of-the-box team sites, personal sites, and so on, you can accept the resource quota defaults.

If you do have customized site collections or sandboxed solutions, you'll probably want to allocate more server resources to those site collections. Your total server resource quota is based upon the number of users in your tenant and is intended to be shared across all site collections.

Manage the server resource quota for sandboxed solutions

Sandbox solutions can draw heavily on server resources (such as CPU and RAM) because of custom code or app usage. You can set a maximum percentage of server resources per sandboxed solution in order to prevent depletion of server resources and performance degradation across the tenant. To monitor the resource usage level for a sandbox within a particular site collection, SharePoint Online collects performance data, such as processor time and unhandled exceptions. If the resource usage level exceeds the quota, SharePoint Online turns off the sandbox so custom code can't run. You can set an alert to be notified by email when the resource usage level for the site collection approaches its limit so you can make adjustments before the sandbox gets turned off.

To set the server resource quota
  1. Browse to the SharePoint Online admin center.

  2. On the Site Collections tab, choose one or more site collections.

  3. Click Server Resource Quota.

  4. In the Limit server resource quota dialog box, enter a maximum number of resources. The default number of available resources for a site collection depends on the number of users in your tenant. (Notice that this dialog lists the total number of resources that are available to you.)

  5. Check the box to send an email alert that notifies you when the resource usage level is nearing its limit. Enter a number from 1 to 100 for the percentage of server resource limit to reach before an email alert is triggered. Set server resource quota dialog

  6. Click Save.

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