Manage Recordings

Between. Defaults to all recordings, but a date range can be specified.

Expiring in

  • Minutes. Specifies the recording expiration time in minutes.

  • Hours. Specifies the recording expiration time in hours.

  • Days. Specifies the recording expiration time in days.

  • Months. Specifies the recording expiration time in months.

Containing. Specifies the words or strings that should be in the subject of the recordings displayed in the search results.

Or Show All. Shows all recordings that you made.

Search. Executes the search for recordings.

Show recordings for all organizers. Displays all recordings on the conference center. Available to administrators only.

View. Sorts recordings by media format. Click a View icon to open the View Recording page.

Subject. Sorts recordings by subject. Click individual subjects to view the Edit Recording Details page.

Date. Sorts recordings by date.

Duration. Sorts recordings by duration.

Organizer. Sorts by person who made the recording. Available to administrators only.

Size. Sorts recordings by size.

Expires. Sorts recordings by expiration time.

Delete. Indicates a recording to be deleted.

Page #. Goes to the next page of recording search results.

If a search does not return the expected results, verify that you have set a minimum of search parameters or no search parameters besides Or Show All. Search parameters work in concert with one another. Confirm that only the criteria you intend to use is included in the search.

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