Main window

The Main window is divided into two sections: the Conversation Area (left side) and the Contact List (right side).

Main window

Conversation Area

A conversation can be a phone call, a conference call, or an instant message. By paying attention to the Incoming, Active, and Pending conversation areas, you can easily manage multiple conversations at once. Remember that the conversation in the Active area is the one you’re addressing at the moment. To answer an incoming call or to move a pending call to the Active area, just double-click it.

Contact List

Your Contact List is a list of co-workers, family, friends, and associates with whom you communicate most often. The Contact List shows the availability of your contacts and allows you to view additional contact details by right-clicking the contact’s name, and then clicking Properties. The Contact List is your starting point for communicating with your contacts. With a mouse-click or two, you can place a phone call, start an instant messaging session, start an e-mail, or start a conference.

Group List

Next to the Contact List is the Group List, which keeps your contacts organized by groups. You can create contact groups to organize the people in your Contact List. After you create a group, you can right-click the group name in your Contact List, and perform various functions, such as starting a conference call or an instant messaging conference.

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