Let the Skype for Business meeting call you

The "Call me at" feature in Skype for Business provides a way for users to join the audio portion of a conference by using a cell phone or land line.

The first time you attempt to join a meeting through Skype for Business, you'll see the Join Meeting Audio dialog box:

Join Meeting Audio dialog in Skype for Business

The first option, Use Skype for Business, is selected by default. But if you want Skype for Business to call you at meeting time, you can select that option, provide a phone number, and wait for the call from your next meeting.

Call me at

With "Call me at" you can add a number on the fly or select a stored one. If you want to add several numbers, you can do so at any time through the Phones Options page.

Before you begin, click Gear icon > Skype Meetings, and click Before I join meetings, ask me which audio device I want to use.

Skype Meetings options dialog with Before I join checkbox highlighted

Add a number just before your meeting
  1. When the Join Meeting Audio dialog is displayed, click Call me at.

  2. Click the arrow > New Number.

    Call me at option in the Join Meeting Audio dialog box

  3. Type your phone number and click OK.

    For information about number formats see Edit phone number.

Add a list of numbers
  1. Click Gear icon > Phones.

  2. Click the button for the phone number you want to add or update. Choices are Mobile Phone, Home Phone, and Other Phone. (You can't update your work phone number because it's assigned to you by your admin).

    Phones screen with phone numbers section highlighted

  3. Click OK.

Pick from a list of numbers
  1. When the Join Meeting Audio dialog is displayed, click Call me at.

  2. Click the arrow and select the number you want to use.

  3. Click OK.

Invite another person to call into your meeting

Let's say you need to pull someone else into your meeting. Even if the person wasn't included on the original meeting invitation you can invite them to join.

  1. While in the Skype for Business meeting, click the IM icon ( IM button when you're in a meeting ) to open the IM window.

  2. Click Invite More People.

  3. Type a name or phone number or choose someone from your contacts list.

  4. Click OK.

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