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Learning Tools in Word

Use Learning Tools to help with reading fluency and comprehension.

Go to View > Learning Tools, and select your options:

  • Column Width changes line length to improve focus and comprehension.

  • Page Color an make text easy to scan with less eye strain.

  • Text Spacing increases the spacing between words, characters, and lines.

  • Syllables shows breaks between syllables, to improve word recognition and pronunciation.

  • Read Aloud lets you hear your document as each word is highlighted.

    Note: Use the playback controls to start and stop the narration, to change the speed of the reading, and to switch between reading voices.

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Use Learning Tools in your Word Online document

  1. On the View tab, in the Document Views group, select Immersive Reader.

    Immersive Reader

    Your document opens within Immersive Reader.

  2. You can do one or more of the following in Immersive Reader, depending on how you want to focus on the content in your document.

    • Select Play at the bottom of the window to hear your document read aloud and to see the text highlighted simultaneously. The narrator starts reading from the top of your page by default, unless you have selected a word, in which case it will start reading from the selected word. Select Pause to stop narration.

      Select Voice Options on the top right of the document to change the speed of narration.

      Voice Settings
    • Text options   

      You can change the appearance of your document by using Text options. The choices you make in text options can help bring more attention to the content and remove visual distraction.

      Set Text Size, Spacing, Font, and Themes that suit your learning needs. You can increase or decrease text size and the amount of spacing between letters and words. The Theme color you select becomes the background color of the document.

      Text Options
    • Parts of Speech   

      Select one or more of the following options:

      • Syllables to break words into syllables.

      • Nouns to highlight nouns in your document in purple.

      • Verbs to highlight verbs in your document in red.

      • Adjectives to highlight adjectives in your document in teal.

        Parts Of Speech

  3. Click the Close icon to exit Immersive Reader.


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Use Learning Tools in your Word document on your iPad

Note: This feature is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office.

Learning Tools in Word for iPad has a set of tools to assist with reading, fluency, and comprehension. In Word, find learning tools under the View tab.

Slide the toggle to the right to launch the Learning Tools tab.

Showing View tab on the document

On the Learning Tools tab you have the following tools that can assist you while you read or edit your document.

  • Column Width can be used to change the width of the line length. This helps to reduce the adverse effects of visual crowding and allows improved focus and comprehension on words and characters in a text-rich document.

    Showing Column width options for LearningTools
  • Page Color can be set to be Sepia (pale yellow page with print feel), Inverse (black background with white text) which makes the text easy to scan and consume, or left at None.

    Showing Page Color options for Learning Tools

  • Read Aloud lets you hear your document and see each word highlighted simultaneously in your document.

    Note: Read Aloud doesn't support RTL languages. Read Aloud reads text in the default speech language of your operating system. For information about how to add additional text-to-speech voices, see How to download Text-To-Speech languages for Windows

    Showing ReadAloud under Learning Tools

    You can use the buttons that appear on the bottom right corner of your screen to control the reading. Choose the Play/Pause icon to start/stop the narration. Select the Next icon if you want the narrator to skip the current sentence and start reading from the next paragraph. Select the Previous icon if you want the narrator to skip the current sentence and start reading from the previous paragraph. You can change the reading speed using the Settings icon.

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