Learn more about the way you work with Microsoft MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics helps you understand how you communicate and spend your time at work. Set your own goals and let MyAnalytics measure your progress.

Most of what you see, such as how much time you spend in meetings, or how long it takes someone to reply to your emails, is based on data you can already find in your mailbox and calendar. MyAnalytics simply does the work of putting it all together. The information gives you insights that you can act on.

Some of the information you see is based on what other people, who have turned on MyAnalytics like yourself, are doing. For example, the average time people in your organization spend in meetings, or how soon members of a group read your emails. Privacy is very important to us, and MyAnalytics only shows information about groups that meet a minimum size, and users are not identified by name in an effort to protect user privacy.

When you use MyAnalytics, you and your colleagues get valuable statistics and insights. If you don't want MyAnalytics to use or present your data, you can simply turn it off.

Note: Only you have access to your MyAnalytics dashboard and Outlook add-in. MyAnalytics does not include any settings that provide your manager or anyone else in your organization access to your dashboard or add-in. Any information that you don’t already have access to is aggregated, and other users are not identified by name. Learn more about how MyAnalytics protects your privacy.

The MyAnalytics personal dashboard

Your personal dashboard in MyAnalytics helps you understand how you communicate and spend your time at work. You can set weekly goals for different areas such as time spent in meetings and focus time, and then measure your progress towards these goals. You'll get tips that can help you prioritize your work and spend your time more effectively.

Learn more in MyAnalytics Personal Dashboard.

The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in

With the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in, you can see statistics about each email directly in Outlook.

For emails you've sent, see how many people have read, forwarded, and replied to your emails. You'll only see statistics for emails you sent to at least five recipients (who are also Office 365 users within your organization), and the statistics are presented in aggregate form, so that people who read or forwarded your email are not identified by name.

For emails you've received, learn more about your relationship with the sender. See how many emails you've exchanged, response times between you, and how up to date you are on their emails.

Learn more in MyAnalytics Outlook add-in.

MyAnalytics tips

Get useful tips on how to spend your time better and focus on what's important in your work, in MyAnalytics Tips.

I'm an admin

Learn how to enable and configure MyAnalytics for your organization, in MyAnalytics for Office 365 admins.

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