Known issues in Communicator 2011

Last updated: October 2011

Audio/video calls and desktop sharing do not work when connecting though a VPN

You cannot make audio/video calls or share your desktop when you are connected through a Cisco or Juniper VPN client.

Communicator for Mac Help does not work on Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard)

Note: This issue is fixed in Communicator for Mac 2011 13.1.1 Update.

Communicator Help runs only on Mac OS X v10.6 or a later computer. If you are on a Mac OS X v10.5 computer, refer to the Help available online at Communicator for Mac Help (

When you launch Communicator, you might see a message that warns about connecting to an Exchange Server by using an insecure method

This warning could occur because you are accessing an unauthenticated Exchange server for calendar information. When you see the warning message, read it to make sure that the server information is correct. If you want to prevent the message from appearing in the future, disable the Exchange client setting in Communicator preferences. On the Communicator menu, click Preferences. On the Account tab, under Personal Information Manager, clear the Use the Exchange client as my Personal Information Manager check box.

Decreased performance when signing in with Kerberos authentication on Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard)

If you are signing in to Communicator on a Mac OS X v10.5 computer by using Kerberos authentication, then you might experience delays. This can happen if the computer had a previously issued Kerberos ticket that was manually destroyed. You should keep the Kerberos ticket on the client until it expires.

User information is not retained and transferred from Messenger for Mac 7 to Communicator for Mac 2011

When you sign in to a corporate account in Messenger for Mac 7 for the first time, you have the option to save the account information. When your account information is saved, you don't have to type your credentials every time that you sign in. However, when you upgrade to Communicator, it cannot read the account information that is saved in the Messenger for Mac 7 .plist file. The .plist file that stores the user information in Messenger for Mac is in a different directory location and Communicator cannot access this information. Therefore, you have to specify the user name, user ID, and password once again when you sign in to Communicator for the first time.

Missing presence information for users who have easy ID e-mail account format

Contacts that have the easy ID e-mail account format, such as <>, do not show presence information when the user does not have the GAL file downloaded. Presence information displays for all users whose accounts use the SIP e-mail format, such as <>.

The purpose of the "Use my Network ID and Password" check box is not clear

The Use my Network ID and Password check box in the sign-in window is used for Kerberos authentication.

Project Center is not available in Outlook for Mac and cannot be used with Communicator for Mac

Project Center is a feature that is available in Entourage but is not available in Outlook for Mac. Messenger for Mac integrates with Project Center in Entourage to provide some features. For example, you use Project Center in Entourage to create a group of project-related contacts in a Messenger for Mac corporate account, and you can save project-related Messenger for Mac instant message conversations as notes in Entourage. These features are not available in Outlook for Mac and Communicator for Mac.

Some keyboard shortcuts don't work as expected when a desktop is shared

If someone with a Windows-based computer shares a desktop with you, and you take control of the shared desktop, some keyboard shortcuts, including custom keyboard shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts for special characters, such as the euro symbol, might not work or might work differently.

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