Kit form: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

Sometimes a group of related products are sold as one set, including services; for example, installation services. This facilitates the buyers in that they need not go to other suppliers to buy the various accessories and auxiliaries needed for the main product to be installed. For example, an electrical pump needs various plumbing and electrical accessories besides installation.

You can create a kit product type to group such related products that are sold in sets and use the Kit form for this purpose in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. Kits, while providing an easy method of grouping related products, also help expedite creation of an invoice at the time of sale.

You can create, edit and delete products. You can also change product prices and check the status of a product or service.

Open the form

To open a Kit form, point to New on the Suppliers menu and then click New Product or Service. On the Product or Service Type dialog box, select Kit.

Form options

The form contains the following options.

General tab



Kit name

(Required.) Enter the item name.

Product Code

Enter a number in accordance with your company's Chart of Accounts structure.


By default, the check box is selected and the status is Active. To make the kit inactive, clear this check box.


Enter a description of the kit.

Commission sale

Select the Commission sale check box if commission is paid for this kit. If you clear the Commission sale check box, no commission is associated with this kit.

The Kit form provides a table to list the product details relating to the kit.



Product Name

Click the Product Name arrow to select a product or service name, or click Add a new Product.


Enter a description for this product or service.


Enter the quantity of this product or service that will be part of the kit.

Standard price

Shows the standard price for the kit. This field cannot be edited.


Shows a discount for the kit. You can specify a special discount for this kit, if necessary.

Sales price

Shows the sales price for the kit.

Add Links

Click Add Links to link customer-related records, files, reports or pictures to the customer record. Only the application icon and document name appear in the field. If you open the link, you are opening the original document or report, not a copy.

User-Defined Fields tab

You can create new fields (text, date, number or check box) for a record on the User-Defined Fields tab. New fields can be moved to other tabs on the record and added to transaction forms that relate to the type of record on which you created the new field. For example, a new field created on a customer record can be added to quote, sales order or invoice forms. All users can see user-defined fields.

Note: If you create a new field on a Kit form, the field will also be available on product line items with stock, service or non-stock products.



New Fields

To create a new field in the User-Defined Fields tab, click New Fields..

Additional tasks

You can perform the following tasks directly on the form.



View all products and services.

Open the Product and Service List.

You can modify a form to capture relevant information or to make entering information more efficient.

Modify by adding, moving or removing fields. You can also rename field and group header names. To modify a form, click Modify Layout on the View menu.

Note: When you save a modified form, Accounting 2009 will continue to open this template until you select a different template. To select a different template, click the Current Layout arrow on the toolbar.

You can perform the following tasks by using the Actions menu.

Actions menu



New Product or Service

Click to open the Select Product or Service Type dialog box.

New Invoice with Product or Service

Click to open a new Invoice form for the saved kit.

New Quote with Product or Service

Click to open a new Quote form for the saved kit.

New Sales Order with Product or Service

Click to open a new Sales Order form for the saved kit.

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