Justify text

When you justify text in Word, you give your text straight edges on both sides of the paragraph. Justifying extends each line of your text to the left and right margins.

Use the Paragraph tools to format your text, or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J.

  1. In Word, highlight the text you want to justify.

  2. Click Home, and in the Paragraph group, click one of the Justify icons.

    The Justify icons are in the Paragraph group.


  • In the Paragraph group. open the Expand icon, and select the Alignment drop-down menu to set your justified text.

    You can open the Paragraph dialog box by clicking the Expand icon.

    In the Paragraph dialog box, sent the direction of the alignment.

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + J to justify your text.

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