Join an online meeting using Skype for Business with a screen reader

Most of the time, joining a Skype for Business meeting is as simple as selecting the meeting link and pressing Enter. But sometimes, you might need to join in a different way. This article describes how to join meetings directly from Skype for Business, by using your screen reader and keyboard.

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Join a meeting from Meetings view

TheSkype for Business Meetings view displays a list of your meetings for the day. You can even join a Skype meeting right from the Meetings tab, if the meeting was set up by an organizer inside your company.

  1. In the Skype for Business main window, to select the Meetings button (after the Contacts and Conversations buttons), press the Tab key until you hear “Meetings.”

  2. To open today’s Meetings list, press Spacebar.

  3. Press the Down Arrow key to move past the Meet Now button and through your list of meetings for the day. You hear each meeting time and subject as you select it.

  4. To select the meeting you want to join, press Enter. This will open the Join Meeting dialog box. You hear “Join your Skype meeting.” The focus is on the Join button.

  5. Press Spacebar. This opens the Skype meeting window.

  6. Your microphone is automatically muted when you join a meeting. To unmute your microphone, tab to the Unmute button, and then press Enter.

Tips for Skype for Business meetings

  • Use a wired network connection for the strongest signal and best possible sound quality. If you must use a wireless connection, make sure you have a very strong signal.

  • If you’re using a headset, use a high-quality headset that’s been rated to Microsoft specifications. For more information, see

  • If you use JAWS and have Dolby sound on your computer speakers, the volume may drop suddenly when you join a Skype meeting. To find the workaround, see Skype for Business accessibility for people with disabilities.

  • If you need to switch to a different audio device:

    1. In the main Skype for Business window, press Alt+T and then press V. This opens the Skype for Business Options dialog box and selects the Audio Device submenu. You hear “Audio device” and the name of the currently selected audio device.

    2. Press the Down Arrow key to select other audio devices.

    3. To close this dialog box and change to the selected audio device, tab to the OK button. You hear “OK.”

    4. Press Enter. This closes the Options dialog box. The focus is in the Skype for Business meeting window.

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