Install Office on your mobile device

If you're using an iPad or iPhone or an Android or Windows device with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches, you can download and install the free Office mobile applications. If the screen size on your device is 10.1 inches or larger, you'll need an Office 365 subscription.

Note:  Office Mobile apps for Windows require Windows 10.

Install Office apps

  1. Tap Play Store, and then if you are using an Android phone, tap Get Started.

  2. Type the app name in the search box.

  3. Tap the app icon or name.

  4. Tap Install.

  5. Tap Accept to accept the license agreement. The app will be installed.

  1. Tap App Store.

  2. Type the app name in the search box, and tap Search.

  3. Tap the download icon.

  4. Tap the install button.

    You will see a progress icon as the app is installed.

The free Office apps are pre-installed on most devices running Windows 10. Use the following procedure to install them if they are not pre-installed or if they have been uninstalled.

  1. Go to All apps.

  2. Tap Store.

  3. Type the app name in the search box.

  4. Tap the app name.

  5. Tap Free. The app will be installed.

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