Inserting a member of a dimension in a rule in Planning Business Modeler

PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler provides a powerful dialog box that helps you locate and select members in a given dimension. You can use the Add or remove members to include them in the selection for [DimensionName] dialog box to select dimension members for any purpose. For example, you might use this dialog box to define a SCOPE statement, to modify dimension specifications in a business rule, or define a dimension association in model mapping. This tool enables users to quickly examine available options and then select those that are most relevant.

Insert member(s) of a dimension in a business rule

  1. In the Site Browser pane, click Dimensions.

  2. Click to open a dimension in the table.

  3. In the Dimension Tasks pane, click Check Out.

  4. Click the Business Rules tab, and then click to select the business rule you want to create or modify.

  5. In the Rule expression pane, right-click to start the shortcut menu.

  6. Select Insert Member(s) of Dimension, and then select the dimension whose members you want to insert.

    This displays the Add or remove members to include them in the selection for [DimensionName] dialog box.

  7. (Optional) Use the Add, Remove, or Find buttons to modify the list of dimension members, or to progress through the member list.

  8. In the dialog box, select each member you want to include, and then click OK.

  9. Repeat steps 5 – 8 for each dimension member you want to insert. Then, click OK.

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