Import form data into an InfoPath form

Form data importers make it possible for you to fill out Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 forms by using data from files in other formats. Office InfoPath 2007 doesn't include any data importers. However, a third-party provider or someone within your own organization may create form data importers that you can install and use. You can browse for importers developed by third-party individuals. If the data importer is developed within your own company, then someone in your IT department may ask you to install it by using a Setup program, or they may install it for you automatically.

For example, suppose that your organization plans to import existing data from paper insurance claims into InfoPath insurance claim forms. To automate the process, the developers in your IT department might design a data importer that scans the paper forms, and then performs optical character recognition (OCR) to translate the scanned forms into actual text characters. You could then use the data importer to efficiently transfer data from the existing forms into corresponding fields in your InfoPath form.

Note: To import data into an InfoPath form with restricted permission, you must have Full Control or Change access to the form. If you have only Read access to the form, the Import Form Data command on the File menu is unavailable.

Use a previously installed importer to import form data into InfoPath

If you have already installed an importer, you can follow the steps below to import form data into an open InfoPath form.

  1. On the File menu, click Import Form Data.

  2. In the Select the importer to use list on the first page of the Import Form Data dialog box, click a previously installed importer, and then click OK.

  3. Follow the instructions in the Import Form Data dialog box to finish importing a file.

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