Import PayPal Payments Wizard: options and information

The Import PayPal Payments wizard helps you import payments made to you through PayPal and apply them to invoices and customers in Microsoft Office Accounting 2008. Before you can import the file into Office Accounting 2008, you must download the payment history file from the PayPal Web site.

Note: The payment history file must be saved in comma-separated value file (CSV) format.

Download the PayPal payment history file.

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account.

  2. On the My Account tab, click the History link.

  3. Under History (upper left), click Download My History.

  4. Select Custom Date Range and enter a date range, or select Last Download to Present.

  5. In File Types for Download, select Comma-Delimited – All Activity.

  6. Click Download History to start downloading the file.

  7. Save the file in a convenient location on your computer.

Start the wizard

To start the Import PayPal Payments wizard, on the PayPal Payments menu, click Import Payments.

Wizard pages

PayPal Payment File

Click Browse to select the payment history file you want to import and then click Next.

Note: Office Accounting 2008 supports the following PayPal payment types only:

  • Web Accept Payment Received

  • Payment Received

  • eCheck Received

  • Subscription Payment Received

If you see a message stating that payments were skipped because of invalid data, it may be because you are trying to import an unsupported payment type. You can find information about transaction payment types in the CSV file that you downloaded from the PayPal Web site.

Apply Payments to Invoices

The Apply Payments to Invoices page shows a list of payments for which Accounting 2008 has corresponding outstanding invoices. To apply payments to those invoices, enter a write-off amount for each item and then click Next.

Match Non-Invoiced Payments to Customers

The Match Non-Invoiced Payments page shows a list of payments for which Accounting 2008 does not have corresponding outstanding invoices. Assign a customer name to each line item and then click Next. (A new unapplied customer payment will be created for each item.)

Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary page shows the payments that were successfully imported into Accounting 2008.

Click Finish to close the wizard.

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