ICE for balance sheet template in Planning Business Modeler

When you complete an ICE for Balance Sheet template with the appropriate account information, the rule eliminates intercompany transactions on balance sheet accounts. By default, an ICE for Balance Sheet rule applies to cells where the entity is a subsidiary, or where the entity is a holding company for the parent.

Note:  When a rule eliminates a transaction value, the consolidation process makes a corresponding adjustment to the Elimination member of the Business Process dimension.

For more information about how to customize this rule template, see the topic Examples: Consolidation Rule template modifications.

For information about how PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler determines values for percent consolidation (PCON), see About financial model measure groups for consolidation.

Placeholder value requirements

To use the ICE for Balance Sheet template to make a business rule, you must substitute actual account values for the placeholders in the template. For information about how to substitute values, see the topic Filling a placeholder in a rule template.

For specific placeholders that are required by this template, see the tables in the following section.

Rule application

The elimination adjustments that are performed by this rule vary according to account type, and then according to the kind of parent-entity relationship that is included in the scope.

For detailed information about template actions for specific account types, see one or more of the following topics:

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