I’m having video problems in my video call

Cause: Your computer does not recognize your webcam.

Solution:    Check your connections.

For each computer being used in the conversation, check the connection between the webcam and the computer.

Many webcams have an "on" light that illuminates while the webcam is being used.

Solution:    Test the webcam with another application.

  1. Open a second application that uses the webcam, such as Photo Booth or iChat.

    If the second application is displaying images from the webcam, the connection between the computer and webcam is working. If the second application does not recognize your webcam, see the documentation that was included with your webcam.

  2. After you successfully test your webcam with a second application, close the second application.

    Communicator cannot access the webcam if it is being used by another application.

Cause: Another application is using the webcam.

Solution:    Quit other applications that are using the webcam.

If you have another application open that uses a webcam, the webcam is not available to Communicator. Quit the other application, and then start the video call again. Common applications that use webcams include iChat, Photo Booth, Skype, and Parallels.

Cause: The webcam is not focusing correctly.

Solution:    Adjust the webcam settings.

Some webcams must be focused manually to achieve optimal picture quality. For more information, see the documentation that was included with your webcam.

Cause: You're using a dial-up connection.

Solution:    Use a broadband connection.

Audio and video calls require that you have a broadband connection to the Internet or your network.

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