I can't find the Analysis ToolPak

Cause: Excel 2011 does not include the Analysis ToolPak.

There are a few third-party add-ins that provide Analysis ToolPak functionality for Excel 2011. The Analysis ToolPak is included in Excel 2016. Goto Tools > Excel Add-Ins to load it.

Option 1:    Download the XLSTAT add-on statistical software for Mac and use it in Excel 2011. XLSTAT contains more than 200 basic and advanced statistical tools that include all of the Analysis ToolPak features.

  1. Go to the XLSTAT download page.

  2. Select the XLSTAT version that matches your Mac OS and download it.

  3. Follow the MAC OS installation instructions.

  4. Open the Excel file that contains your data and click on the XLSTAT icon to launch the XLSTAT toolbar.

  5. For 30 days, you'll have access to all XLSTAT functions. After 30 days you will be able to use the free version that includes the Analysis ToolPak functions, or order one of the more complete solutions of XLSTAT.

Option 2:    Download StatPlus:mac LE for free from AnalystSoft, and then use StatPlus:mac LE with Excel 2011.

You can use StatPlus:mac LE to perform many of the functions that were previously available in the Analysis ToolPak, such as regressions, histograms, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and t-tests.

  1. Visit the AnalystSoft Web site, and then follow the instructions on the download page.

  2. After you have downloaded and installed StatPlus:mac LE, open the workbook that contains the data that you want to analyze.

  3. Open StatPlus:mac LE. The functions are located on the StatPlus:mac LE menus.

    Notes: Excel 2011 does not include Help for XLStat or StatPlus:mac LE. Help for XLStat is provided by XLSTAT. Help for StatPlus:mac LE is provided by AnalystSoft.

    Microsoft does not provide support for either product.

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