How to get help for Business Contact Manager

You can use the following resources to get help with Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

Outlook Help

Outlook Help contains topics that can help you use, optimize, and troubleshoot Business Contact Manager for Outlook. You can search for specific topics, or click the Table of Contents, and then click Business Contact Manager to browse for topics.

Tip: You can also press the F1 key or click the Help  Button Image  button to open Help.

When you are connected to the Internet, you can access updated information and links to training courses, articles, and product updates at Microsoft Office Online. You can also go to the Microsoft Support Web site and consult the Knowledge Base to troubleshoot more technical issues such as SQL Server or protocols.

Help on forms and wizards

Most of the forms and wizards in Business Contact Manager for Outlook contain a Help button. The Help explains what type of information you can type in each of the fields on a form, as well as information and tips for completing the form. The forms also provide information on how to access its related feature.

  • To access Help from within a wizard or dialog box, click the Help  Button Image   button.

  • To access Help on a form, click the Help  Button Image   button.

Update your registration of Business Contact Manager for Outlook

  • When you installed Business Contact Manager for Outlook, you chose between registering with or without your e-mail address. If you provided your e-mail address, you can choose to receive regular newsletters containing tips and tricks. If you didn't supply your e-mail address and now want to receive these newsletters, on the Help menu, click About Business Contact Manager for Outlook, and then, in the About Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager dialog box, click Update Registration.

Microsoft Download Center

We also recommend going to the Microsoft Download Center, where you can find technical files and associated Microsoft products that are available to download over the Internet. These downloads include device drivers, service packs, patches, and products.

Privacy and security

To maintain the privacy and security of your computer, periodically go to the following Web sites for updates and best practices:

For more information about maintaining your privacy and security, see Maintain your privacy and security when using Business Contact Manager.

You can also sign up to receive Microsoft Security Update e-mail alerts. The service is geared toward home users and small businesses. If you subscribe, this service notifies you when Microsoft releases an important security bulletin or virus alert, and also what actions to take to guard against a circulating threat. This service is currently available in U.S. English only and requires that you register with a Microsoft Windows Live account.

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