How do I print in Calendar for Windows 10?

You can print a day, week, or work week view of your calendar, including all appointments in Calendar for Windows 10.

Note: Printing for year views currently isn’t available, but look for that option in a future update.

  1. From Day, Week, Work Week, or Month view, select More icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then choose Print.

  2. Choose your desired view from the list, the From date, and then choose Preview.

    You can print a week at a time

    Notes: Choose Day view to print a single day or up to seven consecutive days.

    The From date options will change based on the view you choose to print. For example, if you choose Work Week, you can only choose a From date that starts with the first day in your work week.

  3. Choose your various print options, and then choose Print.

Note: Because of the many printers available, Microsoft can’t help you troubleshoot issues with your specific printer. For troubleshooting information for your printer, see the manufacturer's manual or website.

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