Grow by percent template in Planning Business Modeler

The rule that you can create by using the GrowByPercent template increases, or grows, data values across time by a fixed growth rate. To determine the value of an account for a specified period, the rule increases the account value from the previous period by the specified growth rate.

You can use a rule that you create with the GrowByPercent template to populate a new scenario or to modify data in a budget or forecast scenario.

To create a business rule from the GrowByPercent template, you must provide not only values to substitute for template placeholders, but also values for input parameters. For specific information about placeholders, see the Placeholder Substitution Requirements section of this topic. PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler displays prompts for input parameters when the rule runs. For specific information about input parameters, see the Input Parameter Requirements section of this topic.

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Placeholder substitution requirements

Input parameter requirements


The following task is a prerequisite for a rule that you create with this template.

  • Be sure that the SCOPE statement that your rule uses includes the appropriate application dimensions.

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A GrowByPercent rule has MdxQuery implementation. You can run this rule directly from Planning Business Modeler, or include this rule as a part of a user-specified job. For more information, see MdxQuery implementation.

Note:  To get the best possible performance with MdxQuery implementation, restrict the resultant dataset that you define in the SCOPE statement to only the members required.

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Placeholder substitution requirements

To convert this template into a business rule, you must substitute actual dimension values for the placeholders in the template. For information about how to substitute values, see Filling a placeholder in a rule template.

The following table describes the placeholder substitutions that you must make to create a Grow by Percent business rule from this template.



<<[Scenario].[Hierarchy]. [Target_Scenario]>>

Destination scenario for calculated growth values


Period for which the percentage growth rate should be applied

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Input parameter requirements

The following table shows the values that Planning Business Modeler prompts you to input at run time every time that you run a rule that you create with this template.

Parameter name




One or more periods from the Time dimension

The periods for which the growth rate is applied


One or more members of the Account dimension

The accounts to change


One or more members of the Entity dimension

The entities to change



The percent growth rate, expressed as a decimal number

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