Formatting a multiple currency report in Management Reporter

A multiple currency report can display amounts in either the natural or the functional currency. The Currency Source cell specifies the type of currency. The Currency Filter cell specifies the currency code. This code determines the currency symbol that is used in the report for this column.

For example, if you use the currency code BP with the natural currency, the amounts in the report appear in the local or natural currency. If you use the currency code BP with the functional (or default) currency, the amounts in the report appear in the home or primary reporting currency (for example, U.S. dollars).

The following table illustrates the report results for the various combinations of Currency Source and Currency Filter with U.S. dollars (currency code USD) as the functional currency.

Currency Source

Currency Filter

Report Result













* Current conversion rate at approximately 100 yen per U.S. dollar.

** FUNCT currency source with an unset currency filter displays the sum of the transactions that originated in USD and YEN, shown in U.S. dollars.

Specify the currency for an FD column in a multiple currency report

  1. Double-click the Currency Source cell, and then click NAT or FUNCT.

  2. Double-click the Currency Filter cell, and then click a currency code in the list.

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