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Download this .pdf tutorial and learn several ways to format your text with styles in just a few clicks. Apply styles to headings to automatically create a table of contents.


Inside this course:

Do you find yourself repeatedly applying the same formatting, perhaps changing the color, size, and font, to make text stand out? You can streamline the process by applying one style that contains all of those attributes. Word includes dozens of builtin styles that make it easy to format characters, paragraphs, or multiple pages in just a few clicks. You can also apply styles to document headings so that Word can quickly generate a table of contents.

Before you begin
1. Preview styles
2. Explore the Styles tab in the Toolbox
3. Apply a style
4. Identify applied styles
5. Modify a style
6. Insert a table of contents
7. Update the table of contents
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Practice file

Tutorial lessons are designed to be viewed in order. Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while taking the tutorial.

Word Document Styles.docx (35 K)

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