Export a list to Excel in SharePoint Online

When you export a list to Excel, you can synchronize the data between the SharePoint list and Excel, and can keep both sets of data up-to-date. For example you may want to maintain a product inventory in a list so that it’s easy to share and update in SharePoint Online, but also do periodic inventory analysis by using Excel. Exporting a list to Excel is only supported in the Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. you need Contribute permission level or higher to export a list to Excel.

Export a list to Excel

Note: Does your screen look different than the examples here? Your administrator may have classic mode set on the list, or you're using an earlier version. If so, see Synchronize a SharePoint list with Excel. If you're a list owner, site owner, or administrator, see Switch the default experience for lists or document libraries from new or classic for the steps to set the default experience.

  1. In the app launcher Office 365 app launcher icon , click SharePoint, locate and go to the site, and then open the list. If you can’t find the list, click Settings Settings icon , click Site Contents, and then open the list.

  2. On the Command bar, click Export to Excel Lists Export To Excel Icon .

    If Export to Excel Lists Export To Excel Icon is not visible, make sure you are not editing a list or have not selected one or more items. Also, you may not have permission. In that case, contact the Office 365 admin or the site or list owners.

  3. When you are prompted to confirm the operation, click OK.

  4. In the File Download dialog box in your browser, click Open.

  5. If you are prompted to enable data connections on your computer, click Enable, but only if you believe the connection to the data on the SharePoint site is safe to enable.

  6. In the Import Data dialog box, select the How you want to view this data and Where do you want to put the data options.

    Import Data dialog box from Excel
  7. Optionally, you can click Properties and set the connection properties.

  8. Click OK when you're done. The list should appear in Excel.

    Excel spreadsheet with imported list and Refresh All button highlighted.

Results in Excel

Excel creates an Excel Table with a data connection based on a web query file. Updates are not made automatically. To see further changes made to the SharePoint list in Excel, you must manually update by clicking Refresh All on the Data tab.

If your SharePoint list contains folders, the folder structure does not appear in the resulting Excel table. However, the Item Type and Path columns are added to the Excel table so you can filter and sort the data, based on its type and location or subfolder of the list.

For more information, see Export an Excel table to SharePoint.

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