Edit list in Business Contact Manager

You can use this form to edit many lists associated with fields in order to add values that are useful for your business.

Selected list     Select the list you want to edit. The values in the list are displayed in the order that they appear. The default entry is marked with a check mark in the Default column.

Add      Opens the Add a Value dialog box that lets you add a new value to the list.

Rename      Opens the Rename a Value dialog box that lets you rename the value.

Delete Opens the Delete a Value dialog box that lets you delete the value.

Note: If you delete a value, any record using that value in the field will be blank. To assign these fields to an existing value, select an existing value from the same list.

Move Up      Moves the selected value up in the list.

Move Down      Moves the selected value down in the list.

Make Default      Click this button to set the selected value as the default for the list. If you have already made the selected value the default, this button becomes Clear Default.

Note: This is part of the process of creating customized Business Contact Manager forms. On the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Customize Business Contact Manager Forms, and then click Edit Lists.

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