Delete a page

Sometimes you might want to delete a page that you don’t need. When you delete a page, it’s gone for good so make sure you really want to get rid of it.

  • Right-click the page tab and click Delete.

    Right-click a page tab to delete the page.

If you delete a page and immediately change your mind, press Ctrl+Z on your keyboard. This handy shortcut will undo the last thing you did—including deletions.

When you right-click a page tab, you’ll see Cut, in addition to Delete. Cutting a page works well if you plan to paste it right away. But if you do anything else—like copying or cutting something different—you’ll lose the page. Cut and paste right away so you don’t lose your work.

If you’ve mistakenly deleted a page, go to History > Notebook Recycle Bin to recover the page.

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