Delete Meetings

Between. Specifies the beginning and ending dates in a search range for meetings to be deleted.

Size Greater than:

  • KB. Specifies the meeting size in kilobytes.

  • MB. Specifies the meeting size in megabytes.

  • GB. Specifies the meeting size in gigabytes.

Containing. Specifies words or strings that should be contained in the subject of the meetings displayed in the search results.

Search. Search for meetings that can be deleted.

Subject. Sorts meetings by subject.

Organizer. Sorts meetings by organizer.

Start Date. Sorts meetings by start date.

Last Used. Sorts meetings by last time the meeting was used.

Size. Sorts meetings by storage size.

Delete. Identifies a meeting to be deleted.

Page #. Goes to the next page of meeting results.

If a search does not return the expected results, verify that you have set a minimum of search parameters or no search parameters. Meeting search parameters work in concert with one another. Confirm that only the criteria you intend to use are included in the search.

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