Database link and naming options

Keep database links in new masters

Check this box to allow changes to be passed back and forth between the drawings and the database.

Clear the check box to link the new masters to a locked copy of the database, which won't change.

Generate names from primary key fields

Click to name the new masters after the primary key fields in the database table.

For example, if your database has a primary key field called Name that includes Blue Block, Red Block, and Green Block records, the masters will be named Blue Block, Red Block, and Green Block. Master names can only be 31 characters in length. If the key field names are longer than 31 characters, the master names are truncated.

Base names on the original Visio master

Click to name the new masters after the master on which you based those new masters. For example, if the original master is the Box shape, the new masters are named Box1, Box2, Box3, and so on.

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