Data loading planning considerations in Planning Business Modeler

PerformancePoint Planning Server provides tools and methodologies to move data from your company's internal operational data sources to a staging database. The data is then validated and moved from the staging database to the application database. It is important to note that the Planning Server does not provide tools to support extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.

Careful planning of data loading processes is important, as failure to properly plan can result in data that does not reconcile between models, dimensions, and related member sets.

Key data loading considerations includes how often you will load data, whether you do a full versus incremental data load, the amount of data involved, and performance considerations.

Indexing your dimensions and fact tables is an important step for improving performance while loading data to the application database. To accomplish this, you can create indexes on label and MemberID columns for faster searching and sorting.

Finally, you will want to consider timing and frequency of data loading and what users will be responsible for these processes. This can become significant with multi-site, multi-model implementations.

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