Customise reports

Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 provides several methods to customise your reports.


With Office Accounting 2008, you can filter financial reports using a variety of filtering tools, depending upon the particular report being displayed.

  1. To display a report, on the Reports Home page, click the desired report and then click Display.

  2. On the report toolbar, click the Filter Options button to view the filter options available for that report.

    filter options

For example, when you click the Filter Options button for the Profit and Loss report, the Select Filter Options dialog box appears.

select filter options

The Select Filter Options dialog box shows that the Profit and Loss report can be filtered by account and date range.

Show chart

With Accounting 2008, you can convert report information to a chart format with the click of a button. On the report toolbar, click the Show Chart button.

show chart

When you click the Show Chart button, Accounting 2008 displays a colourful chart that represents your company's data.

show chart

Modify report

With Accounting 2008, you can modify reports to best meet your needs. To modify a report, on the report toolbar, click the Modify Report button.

modify report

The Modify Report pane appears on the right side of the report.

modify report
Profit and Loss report with the Modify Report pane

In the Modify Report pane, you can make various modifications to the report and see the impact instantly while making these changes. The type of modifications that can be made varies from report to report, depending upon the nature and data contained in the report:

  • Adding columns—The process of adding columns to a financial report consists of selecting the check box next to the columns you want to add. To remove unwanted columns, clear the check box next to the unwanted column.

  • Rearranging columns—In all Accounting 2008 reports, you can rearrange the order of the columns by dragging a column to its new position. By rearranging column positions, you can place selected data side-by-side, which may make that data easier to read or compare.

  • Formatting fonts and numbers—In Accounting 2008, you can change the font and number formatting in all reports. Select the Modify Report button and use the available modification tools to make the desired adjustments.

    fonts and numbers

Using these tools, you can control the formatting of text and numbers in different areas of the reports: row labels, column labels, data, subtotals, totals and grand totals.

An important option is to modify the report data to show or hide zero lines.

show or hide zero lines
Show or hide zero lines

Save reports (Office Accounting Professional and Office Accounting Professional Plus only)

After you make all desired modifications to your report, you can save your report using the Save Report button on the report toolbar.

save report

After the report is saved, you can retrieve this report at any time without having to re-create it. Saved reports are accessible from either the Reports menu or from the Reports Home page:

  • On the Reports menu, point to Saved Reports and click the desired report.

  • On the Reports Home page, under Select a report type, click Saved Reports and click the desired report.

accessing saved reports
Accessing saved reports from the Reports Home page

Saved reports have the same power and functionality as standard reports. For example:

  • Details about desired data can be obtained by double-clicking the amount.

  • The report can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel for further analysis.

  • Saved reports can be electronically mailed.

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