Creating a Session

The Easy Assist Launchpad allows you to create sessions directly from your computer.

To create a session using the Launchpad

  1. To create a session using the Launchpad do one of the following:

    • Double-click on the Microsoft Easy Assist icon in your start up menu to bring up the Create Session dialog box.

    • Or, click the Start menu, click All Programs, Microsoft Easy Assist, and then click Microsoft Easy Assist Launchpad.

  2. In the Case ID text box, type a description of your session.

    Note: It is recommended that you enter the trouble ticket case ID number, incident number, or ticket number as the Subject.

  3. Click the Session Options icon. In the Number of Participants text box, enter the maximum number of people that you expect to attend the session.

  4. When the session ends, a summary report of the session containing basic information, such as the session time and duration, attendance report, files uploaded, and so on. is sent to the e-mail address specified in the Summary e-mail address text box.

  5. To allow entry to individuals who have the meeting ID without requiring entry code, select Customers can join the session without an entry code. If you require an entry code, DO NOT select the check box.

  6. To save the Session Options, click OK.

  7. To create the session, click Create Session

  8. To send a customer invitation, from the Session Join Information dialog box, click Customer Invitation.

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