Create or edit a budget

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

When you create a budget in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009, you can focus on your company's plans and expectations for the next financial period. Using the Budget form, you can make profit and loss projections for your company and if you select the Use departments check box in the Preferences dialog box, you can budget your financial data by department. During the financial period, you can run a Budget for Profit and Loss report to compare actual results to the budgeted amounts.

You can adjust your budget at any time to reflect actual results in a financial period, changing market conditions and new accounts or departments.

Create a budget

  1. On the Company menu, click Create a Budget.

  2. In the New Budget dialog box, select the financial period for which you want to create a budget.

  3. Enter the information on the Budget form.

  4. On the toolbar, do one of the following:

    • To close the form, click Save and Close.

    • To create another budget, click Save and New.

Edit a budget

  1. On the Company menu, point to Company Lists and then click Budgets.

  2. Right-click the budget that you want to edit and then click Open Selected Items.

  3. Make the changes on the Budget form.

  4. Click Save and Close.

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