Create, edit, or delete tasks

You can create tasks to keep track of the things that you have to do, and you can set start dates, due dates, and reminders for them. When you finish a task, you can mark it as complete by selecting the check box next to the task in the Tasks list. An overdue task appears in the Tasks list in red type.

You can also set tasks to recur. When you mark an occurrence of a recurring task as complete, the next occurrence automatically appears on your Tasks list with a due date at the interval that you specified. Recurring tasks appear in the Tasks list with the recurrence Recurring Task icon icon.

Note: The Tasks list also displays e-mail and contacts that are flagged for follow up.

Do any of the following:

Create a task

  1. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Tasks  Tasks view button .

  2. On the Home tab, click Task.

    Tasks Home tab, group 1

  3. Enter a title for the task, and, if you want, more detail in the task body.

  4. Do any of the following:


Do this

Set a due date, start date, or reminder

Add dates in the Due, Start, or Reminder fields.

Clear a due date, start date, or reminder

Select the date, and then, next to the date, click Remove  Remove .

Set a recurrence pattern

On the Task tab, click Recurrence, and then click a pattern.

Task tab, Recurrence

Tip: To limit the number of times the task recurs, click Recurrence, click Custom, and then next to End date, set the option that you want.

Edit, rename, or delete a task

  1. In the Tasks list, click the task that you want to edit, rename, or delete.

  2. Do one of the following:


Do this

Change or rename the task

Double-click the task, and then make the changes that you want.

Delete the task

On the Home tab, click Delete.

Outlook Delete

Tip: To change a recurring task to occur once only, double-click the task, and then on the Task tab, click Recurrence, and then click Once Only. Task tab, Recurrence

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