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Your team can use a wiki to gather and share ideas on a site quickly. No special Web design tools are needed.

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A wiki is a site that is designed for groups of people to quickly capture and share ideas by creating simple pages and linking them together. After someone creates a page, another team member can add more content, edit the content, or add supporting links. The community of authors helps to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content. Wikis continue to evolve as people add and revise information.

A wiki can help your team collect ideas, assemble content from numerous sources, and plan together as a team. For example, your team can use a wiki to collect information for new team members, to plan a conference, or to collect ideas for a large document or manual.

Because team members can edit wiki pages without any special editing tools, wikis are a good tool for brainstorming and collecting information from several people. Team members can easily create links to pages for someone to finish creating later, or link to existing pages, without having to struggle with long Web addresses.


1. Links to existing pages

2. Links to pages that can be created later

Who can create wiki sites?

To create a wiki site, you must have permission to create a site. Permission levels can be customized, but for most sites, you must be a have the Full Control permission level or your administrator must enable self-service site creation. By default, members of the Site Name Owners group have the Full Control permission level, but your site may be set up differently.

Creating a wiki site

Creating a wiki site is similar to creating any other type of site. You specify the site name, choose a wiki as the type of site, and then specify who will have access to your site.

If your wiki will be part of a larger site, one consideration is whether to provide the same level of access to the same set of people. If the access will be the same, then inherit permissions. If you need a different level of access, then specify unique permissions.

Although initially creating the site is similar to any other site, adding content to a wiki site is different from how you add content to other types of sites. On a wiki site, you usually start by editing the home page and adding placeholder wiki links to other pages that do not exist yet. You can create those other pages as you go or create them later. When you want to create the page that corresponds to a placeholder link, click the link. The page opens in Edit mode where you can add text and other content such as images.

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Create a wiki site

Before creating a site, make sure that you are at the location on your site where you want to create a new subsite.

Click View All Site Content, and then click Create on the All Site Content page.

Tip: In most cases, you can use the Site Actions menu Button image instead to complete this step.

  1. Under Web Pages, click Sites and Workspaces.

  2. In the Title and Description section, type a title for your wiki site. The title is required.

    The title appears at the top of the Web page and appears in navigational elements that help users to find and open the site.

  3. Type a description of the purpose of your wiki in the Description box. The description is optional.

    The description helps users understand the purpose of your site.

  4. In the Web Site Address section, type a URL for your wiki site. The first part is provided for you.

    To avoid potential problems with updating or modifying the site, do not enter any of the following special characters as part of the Web address.

    Special characters to avoid

    Special characters to avoid















  5. In the Template Selection section, click the Collaboration tab if it is not already selected, and then click the Wiki Site template.

  6. In the Permissions section, select whether you want to provide access to the same users who have access to this parent site or to a unique set of users.

    If you click Use Unique Permissions, you can set up permissions later after you finish entering information on the current page.

  7. In the Navigation Inheritance section, specify whether you want the site to inherit its top link bar from the parent site or to have its own set of links on the top link bar.
    This setting also affects whether the new site appears as part of the breadcrumb navigation of the parent site. The breadcrumb navigation provides a set of hyperlinks that enable site users to quickly navigate up the hierarchy of sites within a site collection, such as:
    AdventureWorks>Marketing>Convention Planning.

    When you navigate down the site hierarchy, breadcrumb navigation appears on the page to which you have navigated. If you click No, your subsite will not appear in the breadcrumb navigation for the parent site and the breadcrumb navigation for your new site will not include the parent site.

  8. Click Create.

    If you specified that you want the subsite to have the same permission as its parent site, the new site is created when you click Create. If you specified unique permissions, the Set Up Groups for this Site page appears, where you can set up groups for the subsite.

  9. If the Set Up Groups for this Site page appears, you need to specify whether you want to create new groups or use existing groups for visitors, members, and owners of this site. In each section, do one of the following:

    • If you click Create a new group, either accept the automatically created name for the new SharePoint group, or type a new name, and then add the people whom you want. Click the check mark icon to verify any names that you type, or click the Address Book icon to browse through your directory for more names.

      In the Visitors to this Site section, you can also add all authenticated users to the Visitors group, which provides the group members with permission to read the content on your site, by default.

    • If you click Use an existing group, select the SharePoint group that you want from the list.

      If you have several SharePoint groups, the list may be abbreviated. Click More to see the full list or Less to abbreviate the list.

  10. Click OK.

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Edit a wiki page

When you first create a wiki site, the home page contains sample content about wikis. You can edit it or replace it with your own content. The easiest way to start adding content to your wiki is to edit the home page and add placeholder links to pages that you will create later.

  1. On the wiki page that you want to edit, click Edit.

  2. Type any text you want.

  3. Use the buttons on the Formatting toolbar to format text, and add other content, such as images, tables, and hyperlinks.

    Note: If you are not using a browser that supports ActiveX Controls, you will not see the Formatting toolbar. Instead, you can enter text using HTML tags. Find more information about using enhanced text boxes in the See Also section.

  4. To add wiki links to other pages in your wiki, type the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets: [[Page Name]]

    For example, to add a wiki link to a page named "Orientation Information," type: [[Orientation Information]]

    Note: If the page that you are linking to does not exist yet, a placeholder link with a dotted underline will appear on the page (after you save the edited page).

  5. Click OK when you are finished.

Tip: You can add more content later or change content that you have entered by clicking Edit. If you created a placeholder link, you can later click the link to create and edit the page.

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Add an image to a wiki page

To add an image to a wiki, you need to first upload it to your site. You can upload an image to your site by using a picture library.

  1. Browse to the picture library that contains the image.

    Find links to more information about creating libraries and adding files to them in the See Also section.

  2. Click the picture that you want to use.

  3. Right-click the picture, and then click Copy Shortcut to copy the Web address for the image.

  4. Navigate to the wiki page where you want to add a picture.

  5. Click Edit.

  6. Click where you want to insert the picture, and then on the formatting toolbar for the wiki page, click the Insert Image Insert image button.

  7. In the Address box, paste the Web address for the image that you copied earlier.

  8. In the Alternative Text box, type alternative text to describe the image.

    Alternative text helps people with screen readers understand the content of pictures.

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Add a wiki link to another wiki page

You can use wiki links to link pages together by simply using the page name surrounded by double square brackets. You create wiki links the same way whether you are linking to existing wiki pages or pages that do not exist yet.

For example, if your team will be creating a link later for Training Issues, you can go ahead and insert the link to the page now. The link to a future page appears with a dotted line under it.

To create the page later, someone can click the underlined placeholder link, add content, and then click Create.

  1. If you are not already editing the wiki page, click Edit.

  2. Click where you want to insert a wiki link.

  3. Type the name of the page, surrounded by double square brackets: [[Page Name]]

    For example, to insert a link to a page called "Training Issues," type [[Training Issues]]. The link will be created when you save the page.

Tip: To quickly add a link from a wiki page back to the home page for your wiki, type [[Home]].

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Create a wiki page from a placeholder wiki link

Often, people create wiki placeholder links to pages that do not exist yet. These placeholder links appear as links with a dotted underline. Creating placeholder links helps people create the wiki in smaller pieces without worrying about creating every page in the wiki all at once.

  1. Click the placeholder wiki link.

    A placeholder wiki link has a dotted line under it.

  2. Add the content that you want to the new page.

  3. Click Create.

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Add a list or library to a wiki site

You can add other items to a wiki site, such as a tasks list to track action items or tasks related to the wiki. You can choose whether or not the list or library appears on the Quick Launch for the wiki.

Click View All Site Content, and then click Create on the All Site Content page.

Tip: In most cases, you can use the Site Actions menu Button image instead to complete this step.

  1. Click the name of the list or library that you want to create, such as Tasks.

  2. In the Name box, type a name for the list or library. The name is required

  3. In the Description box, type a description of the purpose of the list or library. The description is optional.

  4. To add a link to this list or library on the Quick Launch, verify that Yes is selected in the Navigation section.

  5. Specify any other settings you want.

  6. Click Create.

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