Create a sample report definition in Management Reporter (PerformancePoint Server)

The report definition integrates the row and column definition with an optional reporting tree to define the formatting for a report.

  1. On the File menu, click New, and then click Report Definition.

  2. In the new report definition, in theEntity Name list, click FW.

  3. In the Detail level list, click Financial.

  4. In the Provisional list, click Posted activity only.

    This code lists the transactions and balances that have been posted in the financial data source.

  5. In the Base period list, click 8.

  6. In the Base year list, click 2007.

  7. Under Building blocks, do the following:

    1. In the Row list, click the row definition that you created or the demo row definition Natural_IS.

    2. In the Column list, click the column definition that you created or the demo column definition Curr_YTD.

    3. In the Tree type list, click Reporting tree.

    4. In the Tree list, click the reporting tree that you created, or select FabrkWrkA.

    5. Leave the Starting unit box empty.

  8. On the File menu, click Save, and then do the following:

    1. In the Name box, type a unique name for the report definition.

    2. In the Description box, type a description for the report definition.

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