Create a report from organization chart data

If you added data to organization chart shapes, such as names, titles, and telephone numbers, you can create a report of that data and save it to a file that you can print or distribute to others. Microsoft Office Visio provides a ready-made report that includes the default shape data fields that are stored for each organization chart shape.

  1. On the Data menu, click Reports.

  2. In the Reports dialog box, under Report, click Organization Chart Report, and then click Run.

    Note: If you don't see the report definition that you want, clear the Show only drawing-specific reports check box, or click Browse and navigate to the location of the report definition.

  3. In the Run Report dialog box, select one of the following formats:

    • To save your report as a Web page, click HTML.

    • To create your report in a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet, click Microsoft Excel.

    • To save your report as an Excel worksheet that is embedded in a shape in your drawing, click Visio shape.

    • To save your report as an XML file, click XML.

      Note: You must have Microsoft Office Excel installed in order to save your report as an Excel worksheet or as an embedded shape in your drawing.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If you are saving your report as a Visio shape in the drawing, select Copy of report definition to save the report with the drawing, or select Link to report definition to keep the report where it is and link your drawing to it.

      Tip: If you plan to share your drawing with others, select Copy of report definition so that others can see the report.

    • If you are saving your report as an HTML or XML file, type a name for the report definition.

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