Create a logo by using the Design Gallery

Simplify creating a logo for your business by modifying one of the logos from the Design Gallery.

  1. Click the location on your publication where you want the logo to be placed.

  2. On the Objects toolbar, click Design Gallery Object Button image , and then click Logos.

  3. Click the logo design that you want, select the graphic and text options that you want  — for example, including two lines of text with the logo  — and then click Insert Object.

  4. To replace the placeholder text in the logo, select the text in the text box, and then type the text that you want.

  5. To replace the placeholder picture in the logo, click the picture frame in the logo, right-click the picture, click Change Picture, and then select the picture that you want.

Note: The logos that are created by using the Design Gallery are not associated with a business information set. If you want to save the Design Gallery logo and add it to your business information set, you must save it as a picture and then add it to your business information set. Find links to more information about changing a logo in the See also section.

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