Create a form by using the Form Wizard

Access provides several quick-create form tools on the Create tab, each of which lets you create a form with a single click. However, if you want to be more selective about what fields appear on the form, you can use the Form Wizard instead. The wizard also lets you define how the data is grouped and sorted, and you can use fields from more than one table or query (provided that you specified the relationships between the tables and queries beforehand).

Start the Form Wizard

  1. On the Create tab, in the Forms group, click More Forms, and then click Form Wizard.

  2. Follow the directions on the pages of the Form Wizard.

    Note: If you want to include fields from multiple tables and queries on the form, do not click Next or Finish after you select the fields from the first table or query on the first page of the Form Wizard. Instead, repeat the steps to select a table or query, and then click any additional fields that you want to include on the form. Then click Next or Finish to continue.

  3. On the last page of the wizard, click Finish.

The Form Wizard can create a variety of results depending on the options that you select. As a result, we recommend that you run the wizard several times, experimenting with different options each time, until you get the results that you want.

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