Create a credit note

Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

A credit note is a reverse invoice used either when customers return products or when customers are given a credit on their balance, for example, if they are dissatisfied with their purchases (or to make them pay the remaining balance).

customer credit note
Sample customer credit note

Note the following:

  • The postings of a credit note are the reverse of an invoice. That means that stock products are taken back and added to stock if they appear on the customer credit note.

  • A credit note can be created directly from an invoice. To do this, on the Actions menu of the invoice, click Create credit note.

  • If you want to credit the customer, but not take products back in stock, you should use a non-stock product or a nominal account.

  • Credit notes are listed on the invoice list.

  • A credit note can be settled with (paid to) the customer in three ways:

    • By creating a credit note from an invoice, thus reversing the invoice

    • By issuing a refund (a payment to the customer)

    • By applying a credit note to one or more existing invoices on the Customer Payment form

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