Create a calculated column in a table

Excel automatically creates a calculated column when you enter a formula in an empty table column. When you use calculated columns, you’ll need to enter a formula only once and it automatically fills down the column—there’s no need to use the Fill or Copy command. In addition, a calculated column continues to adjust as you add or delete rows in the table so that the formula is immediately extended to those rows.

To create a calculated column in a table:

  1. Click a cell in an empty column that you want to use as the calculated column.

    Tip: If necessary, insert a new column in the table. Right-click the column to the right of where you want to add the blank column, and choose Insert Columns.

  2. Type the formula you want to use, and press ENTER.

    Note: If you type a formula in a cell that already has data, it doesn’t create a calculated column.

    In the below example, the SUM formula in cell D2 was automatically filled down all the cells in the calculated column D.

    Calculated column

Edit a calculated column

To update a calculated column, click any cell in the calculated column and edit the formula in that cell and press ENTER.

Delete a calculated column

Right-click the calculated column, and click Delete Columns.

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