Copy and paste a hyperlink to the current section

On any page in your notebook, you can add a hyperlink from a text selection to jump to a different section in your notebook. This is useful for cross-referencing notes or creating a Table of Contents on the first page of each section in your notebook.

  1. Right-click the tab of the section that the hyperlink should point to.

  2. On the shortcut menu, click Copy hyperlink to this section.
    The hyperlink to the selected section and the title of the section are copied to the Clipboard.

  3. Click the location on the page that is to contain the hyperlink.

  4. On the Edit menu, click Paste.
    OneNote inserts a hyperlink that, when clicked, displays its target section.

    Tip: To quickly return to the previous page after you click a hyperlink, click the Back button on the Standard toolbar.

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